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  • Teamwork
  • Time Management

To Do

  • Add profile picture to “about” page

  • Post “Decisions” somewhere - HN I guess

  • Add comments to the Kent Breck facebook post

  • Turn the “references” section into a single-page list of links, with comments explaining what you like about each

    • ~Singapore essay on the model~
      • Went into “teamwork”
    • ~“No Silver Bullet”, maybe as an aside? It’s too long, but it has some good parts.~
      • Went into “teamwork”
    • Kent Breck Facebook post, mirrored with comments
      • Seems like this should go into “Time Management”?
    • Anything else? There must be others.
  • Debugging

    • #software-craftsmanship, #advice-for-my-former-self
  • Incremental Development

    • #software-craftsmanship, #advice-for-my-former-self
  • Technical Risk

    • #management
  • Tag existing posts

  • Management advice?

    • Starting to think of problems in terms of “an engineer could solve this”
    • Know your audience, and avoid negativity unless it’s specifically worth damaging your relationship with someone to make them more anxious
      • Most engineers are too anxious already


  • Decisions
    • This is the only one I’m really happy with right now
    • #software-craftsmanship
  • Mark the other posts as drafts (or move it to a “drafts” folder or something?)
  • Feedback
    • mostly done, but this should be split up, I think
      • Update: not sure how I’d split this up, actually
  • Ladder
    • I guess this is done, but it doesn’t seem very interesting to me, in retrospect. Also the intro is too long and self-absorbed.
      • Revised this a bit, now I think it’s a little better.
    • Add examples of projects that engineers at each level would do