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[ Decisions part 3 of 3 ] In this essay, I use the ideas from “Decisions” and “The Theory of a Program” to lay out what I’ve learned about how software teams work and how you can build your career.

The Theory of a Program

22 Oct, 2022 - 9 minutes
[ Decisions part 2 of 3 ] The “theory” of a program: it is the intricate knowledge of why a particular solution was chosen over its alternatives that allows software to be good. This reality is the root of many challenges in software engineering.


13 Oct, 2022 - 9 minutes
[ Decisions part 1 of 3 ] “Decisions are something you make; something is created when you make a decision. Making a decision is an act of will, not an act of thought.” I’ve come to love the analogy between a decision and a tangible, creative work, and now see the need to make innumerable open-ended decisions as the defining characteristic of creative work.